Reasons to Contact Us

There are a variety of reasons for seeking our assistance. In addition to the challenges of everyday life abroad, we can help you find hope in dealing with the following concerns:


  • Communication or conflict problems
  • Inability to “let go” of past hurts
  • History or pattern of unresolved or unsatisfactory relationships
  • Challenges with interpersonal boundaries (saying “no”; co–dependency)
  • Difficulties creating a sense of community

Family & Marital Issues

  • Lack of intimacy—closeness & connection
  • Unresolved hurts, unmet needs or desires
  • Ongoing conflict or poor communication skills
  • Challenges with interpersonal boundaries (saying “no”; co–dependency)
  • Raising children, teenagers; in–law difficulties; being away from family

Employment Challenges

  • Difficulties with colleagues, managers, or team dynamics
  • Redundant management stressors; work & life balance issues
  • Navigating a change in position, demotion, or re-location
  • Financial pressure (threat of job loss, developing a financial team)