Our Foundations Package

We welcome any and all questions about the process, including your This is Field Support’s introduction to online counseling.

Our Foundations Package is where we begin with every new client. We’ll have weekly sessions for the sake of building trust and rapport between you and your counselor. During this time, we’ll address any further questions or concerns you may have about the process. After completing this package, you’ll have the option to end or continue with our Ongoing Support Package.

Some Aspects of Foundations:

  • Four sessions in four weeks
  • Clarify your desires and expectations of the counseling process
  • Set goals based on your values & priorities


Our Transitions Package

We provide support for the following transitions:

  • initial move overseas
  • relocation—city or country
  • work/job description change
  • college-bound teenager
  • re-entry (temporary or permanent)

Any Times of transition are more stressful, disorienting, and challenging than everyday life. We often feel easily isolated and vulnerable as we walk through significant transitions. Field Support recognizes that we all need extra help during these times, especially when it involves a change in culture, role, or stage of life.
After completing our introductory Foundations Package, you can choose the Transitions Package which is designed to help you navigate the uniqueness of your situation. We are trained specifically in knowing and understanding the nuances of these transitions.

Some Aspects of Transition Coaching:

  • Six sessions (before, during, and after your transition)
  • Emphasis on increased awareness and anticipating various aspects of your transition 
  • Concrete tools & goals to decrease stress and successfully navigate the change

Ongoing Support

Our Ongoing Support Package

This is Field Support’s regular means of providing counseling or coaching as you need it.
Ongoing Support can be on a weekly or every other week basis for three months. This is available to individuals or couples. You’ll have the opportunity to continue working on the goals set earlier and/or make adjustments with your counselor to suit your needs while living and working abroad. The Foundations Package is a pre–requisite to the Ongoing Support Package.

Some Aspects of Ongoing Support:

  • Six sessions over 3 months (flexible)
  • Personal, family, and/or work–related goal setting
  • Ongoing assessment of your needs, priorities, and resources
  • Individualized assignments to help you meet your needs/goals

Ready To Get The Ball Rolling?

“I’m pretty sure it’ll do me good to talk with a trained, safe professional…”

Please include the following information:
  • Your name, Location, Organization (Employer)
  • Why are you interested in our services?
  • Why are you seeking help now? Briefly explain.
  • Are you in a state of crisis at the present time? Suicidal?
  • Do you currently have a VSee online video account?
  • How you found us: referral of friend, colleague, etc.; our website; be as specific as possible, please.

Upon receiving your information, Field Support will assess the appropriateness of our services for you. We’ll be in touch via email within 24 hours. If you don’t hear from us, please email again and ask for a reply…technological glitches do happen!